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Welcome to my fandom homepage, resurrected or rather remade from scratch since the previous one(s) got lost in cyberspace.

I shall endeavour to keep this one up to date, interesting and relevant.

Please note I will post on here when I begin a new story (on any archive), but not individual chapter updates or the site would be clogged with them. For those, please subscribe to my mailing list or the archive/story in question.

Settling Down--another version?

I’ve had the idea of recreating the fic Settling Down, as an original story, in a blog. I’d always intended to use Em Yle in something original anyway, and I think I’ve had an idea how this might work. Obviously the characters would be different, and I’d take the plot in different directions, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading it.

Blood posted

Posted on FFnet and Teaspoon.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: "Open your eyes, Theta! You’re not like the rest of us. We learn, you explore. We observe, you experiment. You willingly walk right into unknown dangers just to find out what’s there! Where do you think those traits come from?"

Blood is the prelude to Recovery, in the Time Locked series (also called Recoveryverse).

Red as Fire (Corona series) posted

Posted on Potions and Snitches only. I know I made a promise not to start any more HP chapter fics till I'd cleared up the mess from my erratic updating. However, I've written enough of this story to know it's not going to be a one-chapter wonder (I am now on Chapter 17), and since PT is also progressing well, I thought there would be no harm in posting this one. However for the moment it's staying off FFnet.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: Snape has kept Lily’s many secrets for years. Having been forced to reveal one for Harry’s safety, the rest look soon to follow. And either Black has found a way to turn invisible and tame dragons, or there is someone else after Harry’s blood too.
Ships: Past Severus/Lily, future Harry/Luna, hints of Albus/Minerva

RaF is the first fic in a series which answers the Creature Royalty challenge on PaS.

Pass the Parcel posted

Posted on FFnet and Potions and Snitches. Drabble.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: Harry demands an ice-cream. Severus ignores him, wondering how on earth he ended up in this nightmare.

Arthur v 2.0 posted

Posted on FFnet and in the queue at Teaspoon. Drabble.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: "No, you're not having a horse."

That's My Girl posted

My first non-drabbley chaptered Doctor Who story! I'm quite excited. Posted on FFnet and in the queue at Teaspoon.

Fandom: Doctor Who & Sarah Jane Adventures
Summary: Jenny thought she was an ordinary girl; till the day a stranger, an alien stranger, claims to be her father. Her life flips upside-down and she’s not sure who she can trust. But to end her confusion, the chameleon arch has to be found - before it’s too late …

It's looking to be about 16 chapters, the first 13 are finished and the rest are half-written, so updates will be pretty frequent. I'd like to post a chapter a week; however I am having internet issues so I'll post when I'm able till the broadband's installed.

Tell Me a Story posted

A new drabble, companion to Customer Service , Customer Satisfaction and Customer Solutions has been posted on FFnet and is in the queue at Teaspoon.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: Shareen finds a weary Time Lord clearing out her best friend's flat.

See previous post for more details.

Customer Solutions posted

A new drabble, companion to Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction, has been posted on FFnet and is in the queue at Teaspoon.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The Doctor has won something. The mauve button gets pressed.

I'm nearly finished on a fourth drabble, this one a bit different, but set in the same universe. Tell Me a Story is a more angsty piece from the Doctor's spring-clean of the Tylers' flat.

The main fic Halted (which admittedly has very little to do with Jackie's phone) may be some time in coming. The difficulty with it is that I planned the sequel first, and then had the idea for the first fic after trying out and dumping several prologues. Halted is a story of the Doctor taking up temporary residence in the Nobles' home after the TARDIS jumps a couple of years into the future.


I've begun posting writing prompts as part of my blog, including fan fiction prompts. The first is not fandom specific, though I may do specific ones at some point.

Something Blue (Bad Wolf series) posted

The fifth fic in the Bad Wolf series, Something Blue, has been posted on FFnet and is in the queue at Teaspoon. It is a complete one-shot. The next in the series, Welcome On Board, is also a one-shot and about half-written.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The planet of New Vegas holds their most interesting wedding to date
Ship: Ten/Rose

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